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What Parents Should Know!


Bath Salts are a LEGAL substance that YOUR KIDS can get right downtown in ROME NEW YORK. 

Bath salts are potentially deadly. 

Sold under various trade names and in "Kid Friendly Packaging", Local kids are using bath salts to "Get High".                                                                                   Bath salts are a major ingredient in "Legal Marijuana Substitutes Like "Legal Funk" and it's othe derivatives.

PARENTS.....If your child is using these substances, You need to know that they are NOT a safe alterative, and that they can be DEADLY !

watch the video (LEFT) and check out the various other videos on "YOUTUBE" about these dangerous legal highs.

If you think your child may be using these substances, Please....Get involved.

Pathways is dedicated to keeping kids safe, Please call us if you have questions or concerns or would like more information.  315-337-0333